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Infiniti Event Group

Photography & Videography

For availability or instant quote, please fill out the form or call/text now at 707-469-3189

Why choose us!

    We specialize in innovative compelling photography and videography for weddings and special occasions such as graduation, maternity, engagement, newborn, and family. Known for our creativity, collaborative working style, and high-level of professionalism... turnaround time on photos and video is anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks!

How are we unique!

    Our unique methods and impassioned style for our work have earned us deep gratitude from a wide range of delighted clients. Cutting-edge equipment and frequent perspective changes, imaginative shooting, and editing style allow us to create the fluid eloquence found only in major magazines and motion pictures.

What can we deli​ver!

    In our videography and photography service, we are passionate about the the images we take and most importantly, capture the essence of your event! To achieve the most stunning photos and videos, we use ambient light to accent the natural visual composition of our clients.

To achieve the most cinematic video or photos, we use state-of-the-art equipment like High Resolution cameras, multi-camera setup, 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizers, and Aerial Drones.

DISCLAIMER: Due to YouTube's video file compressioning, the sample video's resolution or format does not reflect the actual high quality video delivered to our client.

Country Wedding

Napa/Sonoma Valley Wedding

Golf  Venue Wedding

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